The Solar 3C technology was designed and patented by our founder and MD, Matt Lee. Matt has over 32 years of heating knowledge and experience including over 18 years working with renewable technologies such as Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Heat Pumps.

The Solar 3C cylinder technology is the natrual next step in hot water cylinder evolution. As buildings become more efficient in their design and heat loss, cooler operating heating is required which embraces the use of solar technologies. 


Matt explained that if you are considering a heat pump or regular boiler (gas, oil or electric) then you are likely to need a hot water cylinder. A Solar 3C cylinder would future-proof this type of application so that solar (thermal or PV) collectors could be added at a later date and could contribute towards your heating and hot water energy costs.

If you are considering a heat pump or regular boiler (gas, oil or electric) and either/or both solar thermal or PV then a Solar 3C cylinder is the only cylinder for you. Installing a Solar 3C cylinder will help maximise your solar system performance and minimise your energy bills, plus you could benefit further from RHI. 


Our approach

Is to do what we can to help our environment and reduce emissions as much as possible. 

Choosing a cylinder technology that not only helps the environment but also helps reduce your energy bills and increase your energy savings as well as future-proofing your system, thanks to Solar 3C cylinders, is easy!