Andy Gardener

Andy Gardener from Devon decided that after living in his country farm house for many years he wanted to stop burning oil and invest in something that would help him reduce his variable costs. His 8 bedroom small holding with 6 family members is a beautiful country escape, converted from an old mill, complete with outbuildings and a swimming pool. Andy has invested heavily into making his property environmentally friendly whilst giving himself the opportunity to see a good rate of return by adding both thermal and PV panels to his property.

‘Before we had the 510 cylinder from Solar 3C our swimming pool was costing us £10.00 a day to run, along with all the other household costs I just knew there must be an alternative to spending this much money’

Andy has the Solar 3C system wired into all aspects of his property including his Aga, towel rails, general heating/ hot water and swimming pool. ‘I like the fact the system is fully automated, now that it has been set up I don’t have to tamper with it, I’m confident that it’s working efficiently and the results are reflected in my quarterly bills’.

If like Andy you have a large property and family and would like to reduce your living costs by reducing household utility bills why not give us a call, it’s not as expensive as you may think.

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“My new Solar 3C cylinder is heating our top floor and office as well as our swimming pool — great job!”

Andy Gardener

March 2011

510 Cylinder with thermal and PV panels

Figure based on average UK consumption.