Sarah Bamford

Sarah Bamford is a Nurse from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Sarah and her husband moved into their property 25 years ago when it was a quant 2 up, 2 down. The Bamford’s with their two children decided they needed more space, it was time to extend. They did so 5 times whilst purchasing the adjacent coach house, they now have enough space to house a well-equipped gym and cinema room.

‘Solar 3C was a natural progression for us, we needed to replace our existing boiler and when we realised that a normal boiler and a 3C cylinder were so evenly priced we decided to invest in renewable energy. Initially we had mixed responses from our friends, but now they have seen the results they all want to invest, who wouldn’t when you can save £100.00 a month on heating bills’.

The Bamford’s home is the central point for all the family ‘our oldest is always coming back from University with plenty of friends to fill the house, and that means lots heating and hot water… I don’t have to worry about turning the heating on, or anyone taking long baths and showers now’.

The Bamford’s had a 510 cylinder put into their property with a total of 11 Panels on the roof, they are now comfortably living off its benefits including reduced bills, toasting hot towel rails and warm feet. However if you are anything like the Bamford family, you and the rest of the gang will get a lot of enjoyment out of even the smallest of services ‘in the mornings whilst having breakfast together we would all watch how much sunlight was being banked on the control panel, it’s a real feel good factor’.

If like Sarah you are planning extension work or you just feel the need to go green and reduce your carbon footprint why not email us on or call the team on 01242 253 817

“Solar 3C was a natural progression for us, we needed to replace our existing boiler”

Sarah Bamford


510 Cylinder with 11 Panels

Figure based on average UK consumption.