Solar 3C Cylinders

Solar 3C cylinders, unlike standard twin coil solar cylinders, have the ability to provide space heating assist as well as hot water.  Almost all other solar technologies are relatively inefficient in distributing the energy captured.  Why waste your energy by letting it all go down the plug when it can be used to heat your home?

Although it looks much like a conventional cylinder a Solar 3C cylinder is different and unique. It’s patented design maximises the benefits of the solar energy captured by your solar collectors to provide both hot water and heating throughout your living space for a greater proportion of the year.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with radiators or underfloor heating
  • Fits neatly inside a standard airing cupboard
  • Can operate from as low as 32°C 
  • Could save an attractive proportion of your heating/hot water costs
  • Very end-user and installer friendly
  • Cylinder available in 300, 380 and 500 litre capacities
  • High quality stainless steel – 25 year guarantee
  • Made in the UK
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Qualifies for the UK's Renewable Heat Incentive Grant
  • Futureproof solution
  • Mains pressure hot water

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