A Solar 3C Cylinder


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Our patented 3-coil hot water storage cylinder is designed to fit in a conventional airing cupboard. The addition of the third or top output coil enables the cylinder to not only absorb but to distribute solar energy to your space heating system – enabling you to maximise the benefits of solar energy within your living space.



Technology Comparison

  Twin Coil


Solar 3C
Space Heating N Y Y
Heat Pumps Y N Y
Fits in Airing Cupboard Y Typically needs 
Plant Room
RHI Eligible Y N Y
Future-proof N N Y
Increased Yields N N Y
Typical Operating Temperature 40°C 60°C + 40°C
Typical Sizes in Litres 100 - 300 400 - 2500 300, 380 & 500
Banked or Boosted Y N Y
Mains Pressure HW Y Y Y
Solar Yield Limited Limited Greater/Increased
Summer Cooling N N Y
Multiple Renewable Technology Compatible Y N Y
Secondary Loop Y Y Y



When Solar 3C cylinders are fully installed and the top output coil connected to the heating circuit, the cylinder can provide space heating assist as well as hot water - this could be at the end of the qualifying RHI period (where applicable) 

For such applications, Solar 3C cylinders also have a patented purpose control system that not only provides the required hot water timed control but also Weather Compensation Heating control to help maximise performance and efficiencies.

*Please Note*

Solar 3C control panels are to be ordered separately from the Solar 3C cylinder along with the pre-plumbed pipe connection.