Why install a Solar 3C Cylinder?

Saving you more

With energy prices rising and the environmental demand for efficient and renewable energy, a Solar 3C cylinder is the right choice now and for the future, to reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. 

For a minimal additional investment today, a Solar 3C cylinder delivers a lifetime of savings and benefits.


Turn weeks of solar energy into months

During the warmer weeks of the year, a Solar 3C cylinder, installed with solar thermal or PV could deliver solar hot water to your tap. During the cooler weeks, when there is less energy available a Solar 3C cylinder is likely to contribute more towards your space heating than to your hot water turning weeks or solar energy gain in to months.


Different & Patented

Solar 3C cylinders are different to all other hot water cylinders because they are not limited to just hot water. Our Patented top or output coil within the cylinder means any spare energy within the cylinder can be used to assist your space heating requirement.