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What is so different about Solar 3C Cylinders, why should I choose Solar 3C?

Solar 3C is the only unvented cylinder available that can contribute to space heating therefore delivering unrivalled energy savings. The other options for consideration would be either a twin coil cylinder that only provides domestic hot water or a thermal store, which significantly reduces solar thermal input due to the standing temperature of the thermal store.

Service Requirements

Solar 3C cylinders require the same service considerations as any other unvented cylinder and inline with current regulations

Larger Hot Water Requirements

For applications that require larger hot water volumes, Solar 3C cylinders can be banked or installed in parallel. In suck application, only 1 connection jig would be required

Can Solar 3C cylinders be installed with Gas, Oil or Electric Boilers

Yes, when installed to either an "S" or "Y" plan system design. In such applications adding solar to the installation will help reduce annual energy bills and increase energy savings. Installing solar would also help reduce harmful emissions.

Do Solar 3C Cylinders work with underfloor heating?

Yes, Solar 3C cylinders are specifically designed to work with underfloor heating. Solar 3C cylinders along with solar collectors are optimised when installed with underfloor heating due to the cool running temperatures.

What is supplied with a Solar 3C Cylinder

Solar 3C cylinders (cylinder only) comes complete with unvented kit, expansion vessel and installation manual for cylinder installation only

What warranty do Solar 3C Cylinders have?

Solar 3C cylinders have a 25 year manufacturers warranty - all other components have a 1 year warranty.

Are Solar 3C Cylinders supplied with Immersion Heaters?

Yes, Solar 3C cylinders are supplied with 2 x 3kw immersion heaters for connection to PV or just immersion heater back up. 1kw immersion heaters are available as an extra

Can Solar 3C Cylinders work as open vented?

Yes, simply remove the unvented kit and ensure all current regulations are met

Can you bank the cylinders?

Yes, Solar 3C cylinders can be banked and boosted if necessary


Can I combine Solar 3C with Solar Thermal, Solar PV and a Heat Pump?

Yea, Solar 3C cylinders are specifically designed to work with low temperature technologies. Such type of application will optimise the connected technologies.