The Simple Solar 3C Principle

The principle of Solar 3C Cylinders is very simple, collect as much solar energy as possible and use it as effectively and efficiently as possible to maximise reductions in energy bills, harmful carbon emission and energy savings. 

Our cylinders are typically larger in volume - simply to enable collection of more energy. The more energy the cylinder can hold, the more can be used within the home for either hot water or space heating assist.

Often Underfloor Heating Systems are designed to run at cooler temperatures than hot water is required at the tap to heat or maintain comfort levels within a dwelling. Solar 3C cylinders are optimised when installed with underfloor heating systems. Our cylinders also work well with radiators. 

Solar 3C Cylinders aren't limited to the collected solar energy only going down the PLUG - unlike ALL twin coil solar cylinders are!

Why Waste your Energy by ONLY letting it go down the plug?

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The 3C Cylinder


The patented 3 coil cylinder technology is designed to fit in a standard airing cupboard space. The addition of the Top or Output coil, enables the cylinders to not only deliver solar hot water, but also distribute the collected solar energy to a space heating system as well, maximising the benefits of solar systems.

*For Illustration Purposes Only*

The above images help detail the configuration of the cylinders. They all have 3 coils - the bottom and middle coils are input coils, with the top or third coil being an output coil. Our cylinders also have 2 x 3kw immersion heaters.

The bottom coil is for Solar Thermal Collectors.

The middle coil is for a Heat Pump or Boiler (to be specifically ordered for either a boiler or heat pump).

The top coil is an output coil to provide space heating assist.

The 2 x 3kw immersion heaters are for Solar PV & immersion back-up.


Solar 3C Cylinders are NOT THERMAL STORES


Solar 3C Cylinders are unvented 3-coil solar cylinders and NOT thermal stores.

Solar 3C cylinders use the secondary water (the water that comes out of the hot water tap) to transfer the energy from solar collectors. This makes Solar 3C cylinders more efficient and effective when collecting solar energy than thermal stores.

Furthermore, all thermal stores require a considerably higher standing temperature than any hot water cylinder just to be able to supply hot water to your tap, significantly reducing the benefit of solar. Thermal stores typically require to be heated to at least 60°C just to provide hot water.


Sizes & Types


There are 3 different sizes or volumes of Solar 3C Cylinders to suit every domestic application as follows;

300 litre

380 litre

500 litre

There are 2 different types for each of the above sizes or volumes as follows;

Heat Pump Coil

Boiler Coil

For larger domestic or commercial applications, cylinders can be installed together or banked

The 380 & 500 litre Heat Pump Coil cylinder versions have 3sq/m coils. The 300 litre Heat Pump Coil is 2.2sq/m

1kw Immersion Heaters can be ordered separately when installed with smaller PV systems.